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SmartLynx Refund & Compensation Guide

SmartLynx flight delay compensation. SmartLynx flight cancellation compensation. Learn how to get full refund from SmartLynx, refund policy specifics and how to claim SmartLynx compensation online.


Regulations EC261 / UK261

SmartLynx is a Latvian charter airline. And as a such it has to follow European regulations regarding air passenger rights. There are two regulations that apply to most SmartLynx flights – EC261 and the Regulation UK261 (its UK counterpart). Every time a SmartLynx flight is late, cancelled or overbooked, you may be entitled to European flight compensation. Don’t forget to file a claim!

EU and UK air passenger rights laws are practically identical.

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SmartLynx Flight Delay Compensation


all passengers (includes infants)

Arriving late to your destination? If it’s 3 or more hours later than scheduled, and it is due to the airline’s fault, you may be entitled to EU flight delay compensation up to 600 euro. For example, staff shortage, technical problems with an airplane, and SmartLynx staff strikes are considered airline’s fault (you can get compensation).

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SmartLynx Refund For Cancellation


all passengers (includes infants)

Every time SmartLynx cancels a flight, there are specific things they have to offer. If the flight is either to or from Europe, they must offer you a choice between a new flight and full refund. You have a right to choose whatever suits your travel plans the best right now. Whenever it happens up to 2 weeks before the departure, you may also have a right to EU flight cancellation compensation.

How Much Can You Claim?



Up to 1,500 km



1,500 – 3,500 km



More than 3,500 km