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Your SmartLynx Flight Is Delayed. Should You Wait at Home?

Your SmartLynx flight is delayed. What should you do?

When you receive a flight delay notification for your SmartLynx flight, it can be confusing to decide what to do next. Should you still go to the airport as planned or stay back at your home or hotel? Different delays can range from a short 30-minute hold-up to a lengthy 23-hour delay, potentially meaning you could spend a day at the airport. So, does this mean you have to wait at the airport until SmartLynx resolves the issue?

The answer to this question depends on several factors.

Read on to learn more.

Your SmartLynx Flight Is Delayed. Should You Wait at Home or Proceed as Planned?

Your SmartLynx flight is delayed. What should you do?

Where do you find yourself at the moment? Home or hotel? Or are you already at the airport? Your course of action will be determined by your current location.

Scenario 1 – You Are at the Gate, Waiting for Your Flight

Imagine you are patiently waiting for your flight at the gate, and an announcement about a delay is made. What’s your course of action now?

Simply continue to wait at the gate for more updates about your flight situation.

Scenario 2 – You Are at the Airport, But You Haven’t Yet Gone Through Airport Security

Imagine you’re already at the airport, but haven’t gone through security yet, and you find out your flight is delayed. The best advice is to stay where you are. Before you do anything else, make sure you’re informed about any changes to your flight’s check-in time. If the check-in has been postponed, it’s better to wait and not proceed to security just yet.

Hold on for further instructions before passing through security.

Have you already checked in online?

Continue to wait. Don’t proceed until check-in begins.

Scenario 3 – You Are at Home or Hotel

Your SmartLynx flight is delayed, and you are still at home/hotel.

Determine whether your check-in has been delayed.

You can achieve this by either contacting SmartLynx or seeking assistance from the airport information desk.

If the check-in is delayed, there’s no rush to the airport. It’s better to wait at home or at your hotel. But if the check-in schedule remains the same, it’s best to stick with your initial plan and head to the airport as originally planned.

If the check-in time is delayed, stay put for the time being.

If check-in is not delayed — proceed to the airport as planned.

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How to Check SmartLynx Flight Status Online?

Do you want to know if your SmartLynx flight is delayed? Check the flight’s status.

Below are some means to verify your flight status online:

It’s strongly suggested to verify your flight’s status prior to leaving for the airport, especially for early morning departures. Nobody wants to arrive at the airport early in the morning only to find out that their flight has been delayed or cancelled, leaving them stuck for hours. To avoid this, it’s a good idea to check the flight status when you wake up. It’s also recommended to double-check the status again right before leaving your home or accommodation to make sure there haven’t been any unexpected changes.

Typically, passengers learn about a delay:

  • Through an SMS or email from SmartLynx, alerting them of the delay;
  • By verifying the flight status online;
  • Upon arrival at the airport, or even at the boarding gate.

What If You Are Going to Miss a Connecting Flight Due to a Flight Delay?

SmartLynx does not provide connecting flights.

This means your flights are likely self-transfer journeys.

Should you happen to miss your connection where one of the flights is with SmartLynx, it falls upon you to make the necessary arrangements and cover the costs for a new flight.

However, if your SmartLynx flight is delayed or cancelled, you may have rights for a SmartLynx flight delay compensation or SmartLynx flight cancellation compensation, for that particular disrupted flight, not for the whole journey. SmartLynx won’t be responsible for your other flight.

Right to Care at the Airport

Those passengers who are compelled to wait at the airport due to a flight delay, cancellation or denied boarding have the right to care.

  • During a relatively brief delay of 3 hours or more that happens during the day, SmartLynx is obliged to offer complimentary meals and refreshments, and two means of communication (like phone calls, emails or faxes), usually supplied via vouchers.
  • Should the delay extend overnight, SmartLynx is bound to offer free hotel accommodation, travel between the airport and the hotel, and one or two meals at no extra cost to the passenger.

If these benefits have not been provided, reach out to SmartLynx for support.

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Are You Eligible for SmartLynx Flight Delay Compensation?

Indeed, you may be eligible for SmartLynx flight delay compensation.

If your flight is delayed by 3 or more hours, or if it has been cancelled without at least 14 days’ notice, you might be entitled to compensation of up to 600 euros under EU law. As long as the flight delay or cancellation is the airline’s fault.

This applies to all ticket costs and nationalities. Remember to keep your boarding pass and travel documents for potential compensation claims. If you need assistance, there are services available to help you claim compensation from SmartLynx. Our partners offer such services.

Use the compensation claim form on our website to make a claim.

Can You Receive Flight Delay Compensation in the Event of a SmartLynx Strike?

If your SmartLynx flight is delayed or cancelled due to a strike, the outcome will depend on who initiated the strike.

If the strike is conducted by airport staff, air traffic controllers, or as part of a labour dispute not directly involving SmartLynx, you will likely not qualify for compensation. This is considered an extraordinary circumstance, and airlines are typically not held accountable.

On the other hand, if SmartLynx employees initiate the strike, the airline will have to compensate passengers. Always double-check the details of your delay or cancellation, and compare the information given by the airline.

Can You Obtain Delay Compensation in the Event of Technical Issues with the Aircraft?

Yes, if your SmartLynx flight is delayed due to technical problems with the aircraft, you might be entitled to flight delay compensation.

Generally, these issues are not considered extraordinary circumstances. However, there might be exceptions in certain situations, like if the technical issues were caused by hidden manufacturing defects.

What is your experience with SmartLynx flight delays? Have you ever experienced a flight delay with SmartLynx? How did the airline resolve the situation?